When we pursue our passions, every one eats...

The XXXV Collective was created in 2016 to provide a platform for Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Artists (CEAs) to create, package and release their art into the world. At XXXV we believe we are in the Neaux Renaissance with the explosion of the internet and applications and programs that fuel creativity, distribution and vibe creation.

Today the goal of the Collective hasn't changed, but our approach has. Now, we strive to be the one stop shop for CEAs and individuals seeking resources, safe spaces, moments and motivation. We put everything we can into what we do so you can put everything into your hustle for your happiness. 

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Seoul | CEO | Founder

Seoul is an MBA that has a firm understanding of both the business and the art side of projects. She has created multiple music projects, consulted with CEAs, planned and implemented events, and has accounting and finance experience in the non-profit, government and entertainment industries. Her goal is to develop the Collective into a one-stop shop for anyone who has a passion and drive to create art, start a business or motivate others. 


Satilite Rok | Music Director | Partner

Satilite Rok has spent his life creating and curating music. He's worked on projects from large to small, and has released his own projects through the Collective. Rok has a grip on what it takes to make a project sound and feel genuine and authentic. Nothing leaves his room without having been completely refined and professional sounding despite your budget.


Mario | COO | Partner

Mario has been around since the inception of the Collective, taking on small projects and tasks off love and loyalty. Now he joins the familia officially as the Chief Operating Officer who will be implementing strategies, managing marketing and making sure we're up and running smoothly. He has his BA from Cal State San Bernadino, and 10+ years professional experience in project management, marketing and customer service. MARIO@XXXVCOLLECTIVE.COM

Fernando | Associate

Everyone on the team is familia, but Fernando has been around since he was about 13 years old. To no surprise he's grown into an amazing human with a passion for marketing, brand building and all things business. As a current Cal Poly Pomona student he'll have built a brand, mastered sales and positively affected change in his community and the world before he becomes an alumni. FERNANDO@XXXVCOLLECTIVE.COM