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Life is a journey, and no matter the duration there is so much to learn, create and experience. As a former collegiate athlete, published songwriter, divorcee, entrepreneur and MBA graduate I can say that this journey has definitely been interesting. I am grateful for every moment and optimistic about the next moment. One of the main lessons that I've learned is that finding your purpose and cultivating your passion can open up a level of balance, peace and vibrance in your life that is unparalleled. My passion is to engage with people and share experiences that facilitate positivity. I've largely expressed this through music, sports and comedy. These experiences have led me to my purpose of engaging directly with individuals to motivate, inspire and cultivate positivity, passion and peace in their lives. Whether you are seeking assistance in your career, personal life or a specific project or situation, my style is one of light and purpose. Although every approach is tailored to the individual, my core technique combines meditation, energy as a currency, resource (time & money) management and healing through music. Happiness is a hustle and success is what you make it. I am open to helping from the Seoul. 

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We believe that when we pursue our passions and purpose, everyone eats. Every day is a hustle. Hustle for your happiness because happiness is a hustle. Let's go royalty.

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