FTS principal consultant and coach Kia 'Seoul' Riley has lived a few different lives and draws on all of her experience and education to provide an open and safe space of support for her clients. From being a collegiate athlete to writing and performing songs for major record labels, from working in after school programs and at some of the best youth sports organizations, to being married and getting divorced, from going back to school and finishing her BA and then obtaining her MBA, to working through anxiety and cyclical depression and successfully launching and running the Collective; Seoul has worked to see life from whatever perspective she can. And, it is that openness, hustle for happiness and love that fuels the FTS vibe.

The FTS approach to coaching and consulting is the same, the client is the captain and we offer the support to bounce ideas off of, provide measurable objectives (accountability), and offer another perspective. If you are looking for a safe and inclusive space to grow your ideas or make changes in your personal life FTS can be a great start. Sign up for multiple sessions or lock in a single session to discuss a specific question or strategy. To set up your consultation contact us today. 


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