ILLSAMAR - Foreign

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

February of 2018 Illsamar (a ridiculously dope emcee, no female title needed) came to us and asked if we could help her create and put out her album. So, Satilite Rok agreed to engineer, mix and master the project and Seoul agreed to executive produce it. After an initial meeting to discuss the vibe and flow of the project, Illsamar was ready to start Foreign. The project took 3 months to write, record and complete. Throughout the process Illsamar carefully curated her vision and Seoul provided light direction and organization. The brains behind the operation, Amalia Sepulveda masterfully captured the entire process and gave the project the necessary guidance and sophistication. Rok used his ability to be hands on and shape raw goodness into refined greatness. Foreign is for everyone who has ever felt foreign in their lives, body or mind.

“Open the door. Gimme the key. Tell me what for. What do you need?” - Illsamar

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