• You have to work for your happiness, you have to be mindful of your thoughts, you have to own your past, present and future, and you have to practice gratitude and perspective

  • No one is responsible for your happiness, no one owes you anything and you don't owe anyone anything, stop seeking your happiness in others through affirmation, rewards or events


My messages from the Seoul are quick affirmations, statements and suggestions to get you thinking and bring you out of your comfort zone sometimes. It is my hope that you’ll take what I’ve said and internalize it; carving out a space and move that aligns with who you are as an individual. I also realize that sometimes people want to dig deeper and develop a more concrete understanding of the ideas being presented. That’s why I like to follow up my messages with a brief breakdown of what I’m trying to convey to you, and ways I’ve utilized these concepts to grow personally and professionally.

When we think of a hustle or hustling to get or do something, many times it's synonymous with work. A hustle is whatever your grind, project, business, etc is that typically provides you with some extra thing like money, favors or opportunities. Our hustles are constant and we're consistently building them so they grow and/or continue to yield a profit or figurative fruit. Happiness is no exception. YOU get out of happiness what YOU put into it.

The daily work you gotta put in is mindfulness and intention. It's important to be mindful of your own energy and the energy around you. That shit can throw you off if you don't realize your part in it. A bad day can turn into a horrible day or turn around based on your energy. Evaluate what is contributing to your thoughts (which shape your energy); own your past and present actions and words and identify triggers or traumas that may stifle your growth. Once you take a moment to be mindful, be intentional with your thoughts, actions and words. Choose things that contribute to your happiness, work through tough items you usually suppress, and cutoff things that don't deserve your energy. (Remember, you gotta protect your energy)

From this moment forward stop tying your happiness to others. No one else is responsible for your happiness; not your spouse, significant other, best friend, etc. No one owes you happiness or things that make you happy. Your happiness isn't sitting somewhere else like at an event, in a raise, a car, a house or with your crush. It's inside of you and it's up to you to find it, cultivate it, and work at it every day. Happiness is a Hustle. Hustle for your happiness.


  • Happiness is a hustle, you gotta work on it daily

  • Mindfulness is important, know where you're at and where you want to be

  • Intention is important, once you know what you want, do and say things that align with that

  • Work through the tough shit, once you do your journey will open up

  • No one is responsible for your happiness except yourself

Kia ‘Seoul’ Riley works for Revolt TV and founded and runs the XXXV Collective that specializes in helping Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Artists (CEAs) pursue their passions. Her From the Seoul brand specializes in life coaching, business consulting and motivational speaking. Her new ebook The Neaux Renaissance is out now!!!

IG: @seoulstarr