• Currency includes money, time, energy and love and should allocated to yourself and things that make you happy

  • If you don't invest in yourself, others won't either

  • Your community is what you make it, invest in building, maintaining and growing it


My messages from the Seoul are quick affirmations, statements and suggestions to get you thinking and bring you out of your comfort zone sometimes. It is my hope that you’ll take what I’ve said and internalize it; carving out a space and move that aligns with who you are as an individual. I also realize that sometimes people want to dig deeper and develop a more concrete understanding of the ideas being presented. That’s why I like to follow up my messages with a brief breakdown of what I’m trying to convey to you, and ways I’ve utilized these concepts to grow personally and professionally.

One of the taboo topics we've been conditioned not to discuss is money, however, we should definitely be talking about it for understanding and growth. Most people don't find budgeting or number crunching and investments fun or sexy (but lucky for you I do). It can be fun and sexy to be happy and financially stable. This happiness comes from investing resources in yourself and your surrounding community.

Before I go on it's important to outline what I mean when I say resources or currency and community. Resources and currency can be money, but it's also your time, energy and skills/talents. Of those, time is the most important because you can't get it back; once the day is done it's done and the next one isn't promised. Too often we only view investments in terms of money, but you can invest your other resources to get money or hustle for your happiness. When I speak about community that could be your current neighborhood, birth place, alma mater, groups or organizations you belong to, friends, family or interests and hobbies that you have. All of these things help shape you and contribute to your happiness, growth and success.

So, first you need to invest in yourself for your own well-being. Beyond that, if you don't invest in yourself others won't either; and, it's not their responsibility to. In personal relationships if you don't invest in and hustle for your happiness no one is responsible for saving you. This means emotionally or fiscally. Bring value to your life and attract positivity, as well as add value to those around you. In your professional life you can't expect people to invest in you if you don't invest in your own concept or business.

Too often I see young CEA's asking for help or investments or support for their hustle without putting the time or work in. If you don't believe in or value your hustle enough to invest your time and money in it why should anyone else? Build your hustle, put the time in and use your resources to make it look and operate as professional as possible. Once you've invested in it and it's operational, people will be more inclined to help, and in some cases they may approach you to invest or help without you even having to ask because your shine is so bright.

Invest in your community. By investing in your community, you will enrich your life and positively affect the world around you. It's important not only to give back to the places, organizations or people that helped shape you, but it's also important to support and fuel safe spaces for others. This can be big like buying property in your hometown or involved like volunteering to coach or mentor young people. Other ways to give back include offering spaces for clubs or non-profits to meet, having holiday parties for friends with limited family, participating in local music shows or even letting the neighborhood kids wash your car for whatever fee they charge. All of these investments assist in growing your communities and allowing these spaces to flourish.


  • Resources and currency include money, time, energy and skills/talents

  • Time cannot be given or earned back so spend it wisely

  • If you don't invest in yourself why should anyone else?

  • Investing in yourself includes hustling for your happiness

  • Invest in your communities to perpetuate safe spaces for growth and support around you

Kia ‘Seoul’ Riley works for Revolt TV and founded and runs the XXXV Collective that specializes in helping Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Artists (CEAs) pursue their passions. Her From the Seoul brand specializes in life coaching, business consulting and motivational speaking. Her new ebook The Neaux Renaissance is out now!!!

IG: @seoulstarr