• Make actions from a place of love, love yourself, love others and evaluate whether what you are saying or doing is coming from a place of love or anger/fear

  • Seek peace and balance in what you do, aim for understanding and growth

  • Love isn't just about flowers and hearts, it's honesty and ownership, peace isn't about passivity, it's about understanding and balance


My messages from the Seoul are quick affirmations, statements and suggestions to get you thinking and bring you out of your comfort zone sometimes. It is my hope that you’ll take what I’ve said and internalize it; carving out a space and move that aligns with who you are as an individual. I also realize that sometimes people want to dig deeper and develop a more concrete understanding of the ideas being presented. That’s why I like to follow up my messages with a brief breakdown of what I’m trying to convey to you, and ways I’ve utilized these concepts to grow personally and professionally.

This week I am talking about leading with love and peace, and it's interesting because I almost always get pushback when I discuss this topic with people. There are two main items that come up: 1) love and peace aren't enough to make significant change in the world, 2) how do you deal with people who aren't loving and/or peaceful?

I'll address the first item first which is the idea that love and peace aren't enough to make significant change in the world. I would assume a large amount of ego if I told you that love and peace could change the world and that I knew that for a fact; but there are two assumptions that people make when I say lead with love and peace. One, that love is just flowers and heart emojis, and two, that peace is passive. Neither of those things are completely true based on my understanding.

Love can be wonderful and sweet, but love is also gritty and involved. True love is about being your unapologetic self and loving it, as well as speaking and living your truth. It's also about being truthful and honest with others and taking ownership of your shit. Honesty can be difficult, but always ask yourself when having those tough convos where you are coming from. Are you angry or resentful? The words you use when you're angry versus the ones you use after reflection are very different and you should be mindful of that.

Peace isn't about passivity or silently protesting outside. It's about actively seeking understanding and balance in your life or the world so that despite chaos, peace can still be attained. The practice of making decisions from a place of peace isn't about just planting trees, it's about having clarity to decide whether going to war with yourself or someone else is hashtag worth it, and will eventually bring peace and balance to you. Ultimately, love and peace can make significant changes when we embody the root of what they mean and stand for.

For the second concern about others who aren't loving or peaceful I say that such is life. Don't let someone else's anger or resentment or negativity affect you, because if you do you are giving them power over your happiness and balance and they don't deserve it. Me saying someone doesn't deserve my time or energy isn't about hate, it's about honesty which is a derivative of love. Be honest and speak your truth even when someone isn't willing to listen or accept it. Attempt to understand someone even if they're being intentionally difficult. Leading with love and peace isn't about them, it's about you and your focus, goals and hustle for your happiness.


  • Love is about honesty, living and speaking your truth and empathy

  • Peace isn't passive, it's actively seeking things and people to provide peace and balance

  • Leading with love and peace isn't about others as much as it is about you and your piece of mind

  • Try to make major life decisions from a place of peace and balance

  • When engaging with others think about where your actions or words are coming from: a place of love, ownership and honesty, or a place of anger and resentment

Kia ‘Seoul’ Riley works for Revolt TV and founded and runs the XXXV Collective that specializes in helping Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Artists (CEAs) pursue their passions. Her From the Seoul brand specializes in life coaching, business consulting and motivational speaking. Her new ebook The Neaux Renaissance is out now!!!

IG: @seoulstarr