• Protecting your energy is about being mindful of your own energy and being aware of what activities or people take from your energy and give back to your energy

  • Many times we complain about people or activities that drain our energy, yet we still engage with them which makes us complicit in negatively affecting our own energy, we know that a certain person sucks our energy but we continue to hang out with them because we’ve known them so long, we feel bad about avoiding them, we keep trying to change their energy, but we can’t change people or situations, we can only change how we react and respond to them

  • Step away from activities and people who suck your energy and never replenish it, consider changing your environment if an activity or workplace is draining your energy, evaluate yourself and seek ways to change your perspective on how your energy is being given out


My messages from the Seoul are quick affirmations, statements and suggestions to get you thinking and bring you out of your comfort zone sometimes. It is my hope that you’ll take what I’ve said and internalize it; carving out a space and move that aligns with who you are as an individual. I also realize that sometimes people want to dig deeper and develop a more concrete understanding of the ideas being presented. That’s why I like to follow up my messages with a brief breakdown of what I’m trying to convey to you, and ways I’ve utilized these concepts to grow personally and professionally.

Energy is a real thing; whether you view it as spiritual vibrations or just fatigue after a long ass day. Energy is also a currency, as there is a finite amount of energy you can give out (or receive) in a day, week, etc. That’s why it’s important to protect the energy you give out and the energy you receive. Both are equally important. If you over extend yourself energy-wise you will be depleted and won’t have energy for other things. If you allow negative energy into your space, that can throw off the energy you do have and/or deplete you. The most important thing is to be mindful of where we spend our energy and where we get it from. It’s like budgeting your money, you need to know where it’s coming from and where it’s going.

Once you understand where you’re getting and giving your energy make sure you’re engaging in the best use of your time and energy. Many times we give a lot of energy to people and things that don’t replenish us, or give back negative energy. When you identify those things, situations or individuals, the ownership is now on you to shift or alter how you give and receive your energy. Too often we get frustrated because the situation or person doesn’t change or reciprocate, but that frustration is all your own as we can only control ourselves, our actions, our reactions and our energy.

After clearly identifying things, situations and individuals that suck your energy and/or never replenish it, consider making changes to facilitate better use of your time and energy. If you have a friend or family member who drains you, consider only engaging with them under certain circumstances or in environments where the energy is neutral. If you have a job that completely drains you and offers little time or energy for yourself, consider reorganizing your approach to it, or changing jobs or industries to better stimulate a work-life balance. And, overall life and energy is about balance; you should be giving and receiving energy. Protecting you energy is a major key to hustling for your happiness, and we all know that’s what you should be doing.

Kia ‘Seoul’ Riley works for Revolt TV and founded and runs the XXXV Collective that specializes in helping Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Artists (CEAs) pursue their passions. Her From the Seoul brand specializes in life coaching, business consulting and motivational speaking.

IG: @seoulstarr



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