Riley Face finds themselves with The Lost Tapes

"After we dropped Evolve in July 2017 we continued writing, not sure what we’d use the new songs for. They were different and some of them weren’t even Riley Face songs necessarily. We demo’d them out for others and began fine tuning some for ourselves. Seoul produced some tracks, widening her composing skill set and Rok meshed his rock and hip-hop vibes with more pop mainstream sounds. Although we didn’t have a plan for them we knew we wanted them, until unexpectedly the computer carrying the sessions crashed. It was painful to come to grips with the fact that those songs were in the middle phase and couldn’t be released. Over the past two years we would go back and listen to the songs, proud of what we made, sad we couldn’t put them out. The past year has been one full of new beginnings and for once we’re in a position where we don’t have access to a studio. So, we’ve decided to release these tracks because why not? They’re rough mixes and we won’t have performance tracks to get down to, but so what? Our collective lives to help CEAs pursue their passions, so we should lead by example. We hope you enjoy it. Until next time. "