SLOTH FACE - Stay Slothy

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Seoul, Satilite Rok and Psycho Sloth come together to make experimental project.

Seoul brought the pop and r&b vibes, Satilite Rok brought the rock and backpack rap scene, and Psycho Sloth brought the trap and hype rap energy. They didn't know what the project was going to sound like in the beginning, but in the end it all blended beautifully to yield a classic project that is something familiar yet different for listeners.

“The sun don't die, at least that's what they say out West. I got this little dream of mine, and Imma go as hard as I can.” -Sloth Face

From start to finish the Collective provided the studio space and vibe to create this experimental masterpiece. CEO Seoul wrote the hooks and co-produced tracks with Satilite Rok; who also engineered, mixed and mastered the project. XXXV also contributed to the album artwork, release party and marketing efforts. Psycho Sloth brought amazing energy, work ethic and lyrics to round out the effort.

Sloth Face is out now on all major platforms!

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